Company Ethos




At the core of our ethos is an absolute commitment to honesty and openness in all our activities. Building or refurbishing your home is a very personal experience. Your enjoyment of the home you have created will be directly affected by your experience during the build. To have trust in your builder is the key to this process. 

Every element of the build will be open for you to see. From planning, preparation and costing, through to tendering, building and completion, we are transparent in all our activities.

It is necessary to have all the information available and be assured of its accuracy, in order to solve problems quickly and make the best decisions to maximise the value of your funds. 


Communication and Understanding

We believe that constant communication and understanding between all parties is the only way to build a home that meets your objectives.

From the beginning we will establish the detail and specifications you have planned, the budget to work within, your living requirements and priorities. This will evolve through the build and, as it does, we will always remain up to date with the decisions made and the changes that arise. 

We will encourage you to visit the site as much as you would like and will make time to explain what has taken place since your last visit. 

Once the build is underway we recommend meeting once a week to discuss the project including progress, money, quality, decisions to make and alterations. This meeting can be arranged out of working hours to fit in with your schedule.


At the end of every week you will receive a report on all that has happened during the week, on the work planned for the week ahead, and any problems faced and points of interest.

Above all, we encourage you to call anytime throughout the project to ask questions, discuss any concerns and provide us with feedback. We will always answer the phone to you and call back immediately after receiving a message.


We have a strong structure in place to oversee the management of your project. We use a failsafe, day by day method to ensure nothing is forgotten. We review our organisational structures regularly to improve wherever we can.

The preparation and detail involved in establishing the build cost and compiling the tender pack is extensive, as is the time spent organising the structure and sequence of the work to be carried out. All this information is available and open for explanation.

The three main elements to the build of your house are quality, cost and time. To succeed in all of these areas requires solid organisation and detailed planning.


Quality is achieved by the use of good tradesmen and materials, allowing enough time for the work to be carried out and understanding all the information detailing the work to be done. 


We will carry out regular inspections of every element within the process and grasp every opportunity to improve on completed work – checking, checking and more checking!


You will be provided with a detailed cost breakdown of the entire project at tender submission. Details will be provided as to how the figure for each cost is reached. This detail will form the specification for the house. Every element within the build will have been considered prior to work beginning on site. There will be certain elements of the build that you may want to decide upon during the build process, the kitchen for instance. We will allow a provisional sum for this with an agreement to fix the cost once you have made your final choices. We expect the specification to evolve throughout the project and we can manage this process effectively.


Managing the programme is a vital element of the project. Also within the tender pack there will be a detailed programme of works explaining when we anticipate each task within the build to take place. This will form the agreed completion date and the resulting date for a penalty clause to begin. The penalty or charge for late completion is referred to as Liquidated and Ascertained Damages, LAD.

The combination of the detailed build costs and the programme of works provide a meaningful cashflow for the project from inception to completion.